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When you put your home on the market, you have three very important decisions to make. 1. Can you take the time and do you have the necessary information available to market your home yourself professionally and avoid liability? 2. If not, which agent you will have to represent you in the marketing of your home? 3. And finally, what is the current salable market price for your home? 

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Have you already begun trying to sell your home without representation? Are you looking at my web site because you're considering turning the professional marketing services over to someone that will get your home sold quickly?


I appreciate your interest. In today's market with far fewer buyers and much more inventory, it is more important than ever to seek the services of a professional real estate marketing person. You see, during these downturns or normal adjustments to the market, even more buyers than ever turn to sales associates to help them navigate the many homes available. Because of failed investors, foreclosed and neglected homes, now tougher financing criteria and many other problems, the normal percentage of buyers using representation has grown from about 85% to over 90%. Newspaper advertising has nearly become irrelevant. Reaching buyers now requires getting to the sales associates currently working with the few buyers available. In Pinellas County, there are over 7,000 associates, with now over 3,000 associated with Charles Rutenberg Realty! I'm able to market directly to all Realtors® directly!


Only two variables have the greatest impact on selling a home. First and most importantly, is PRICING the home correctly. We are still in a declining market. If you want to sell your home, you must move your price below the most recent sales prices as well as near or at the bottom of the active homes for sale in order to attract a buyer. Nearly all buyers are looking for the deal. Financing is much tougher and buyer's are forced to look for value. Even if your home is nicer than your neighbors, most often the sales are at the bottom of the prices on neighborhood active listings.


Buyers always determine what homes will sell for. I would be happy to visit your home and assess it's fair market value. I charge $100 for this service but if you list your home with me, that cost will be a part of the professional fees paid if an when your home sells. If you choose to use the flat fee services I provide, the cost will be deducted from the flat fee charged up front. 

If you would like for me to visit and analyze your home's current market value, call me at 866-200-5332 ext. 2002.


If you just want some rough information based on the market and without regard to the condition and marketability of your home, complete the form below. The form asks for a little information about your home in order to compare it against other homes recently sold. Your information will never be shared or abused.



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What Do I As A Real Estate Professional Provide?

  • You get a guarantee. If I fail to accomplish the marketing plan items we agree to at listing, you can cancel our agreement! 
  • You and your needs are most important to me. I listen carefully to make sure YOUR objectives are understood
  • Your questions about the home selling process are answered thoroughly.
  • We discuss agency representation
  • We price your home correctly.
  • Your home will be enhanced, both in value and in reduced time to sale by the help I provide by helping you to stage your home.
  • We implement a proven marketing plan
  • As a licensed mortgage broker, I'm in a position to help potential buyers get financing for your home. I'll even post an 800 number in your yard to provide information about your home. 
  • I make every effort to sell your home promptly by covering the market aggressively
  • I generate and follow-up on leads
  • I communicate consistently, so you know what to expect
  • I network the entire broker population
  • I diligently track the closing process on the sale of your home

What special Skills Do I Offer

  • Internet Skills. I utilize the internet to leverage the available buyers for your property. You will be advertised on several actively visited web sites. I market the internet to drive buyers to your listing. I'm certified by the National Association of Realtors® as an e-PRO.

  • Proven negotiating skills. My experience includes residential homes to multi-million dollar business properties. I'll get you the net price you want.

  • I'll manage every detail of the transaction to make sure that the deal happens. Often inexperienced sellers (and agents) get a good deal but are unable to solve the problems that occur during any transaction and the deal falls through.

  • I'll communicate every detail to you along the way. I'm dedicated to getting you the best deal with the most cash in the least time.

    Most importantly, I'll
    get the job done !

I am always available for personal service by phone or email, so please contact me with questions at any time! 


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Whether you are planning to buy your first home, or your 10th home, or sell your existing home, contact us today! 

We'd love to hear from you!

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