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Marketing Your Home


My 21+ Point Marketing

My Objectives

  • To constantly search for the most effective methods of exposing your property to the greatest number of potential buyers in the market.

  • To get as many qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is sold.

  • To assure you of getting the highest possible offers for your home by managing the timing of tactics used and leveraging the effects of those tactics.

  • To manage and maintain vigilance over the sales process to prevent any possible problems.

  • To constantly provide information concerning the strategies and tactics used and the results obtained so that you are constantly aware of the activity involved.

  • To keep the seller informed at every step of the plan with weekly updates.

Some of My Marketing Strategies

I never use a 'standard' market plan. Your home is unique. A customized plan will be created to enhance the unique nature of your home in the market place. The basic targets of a sound marketing campaign include:

  1. Visibility
    a. I will suggest and use tactics that will increase the visibility of your home to the most potential buyers.

    1. I'll start by marketing to other agents. Statistics show that that over 90% of all buyers elect to use professional representation. We'll consider direct mail, flyer distribution, direct e-mail to top buyer's agents and MLS Reverse Prospecting. A newer technology called "ListingBook" is being used by agents and their clients throughout the region. I'll market your home through this new technology. To see a sample of the program, go to

    2. Nearly 80% of buyers now begin their search on the internet. I'll leverage the power of,,, and and others to advertise your home. is one of the most used web sites by people looking for a home. There are several other methods that I successfully use that most agents don't even know about.

    3. I'll work closely with you to properly 'stage' your home to best present your home with the most attraction to buyers.

    4. Buyers tell us that they want as many pictures as possible. I'll take photos of every possible marketable feature. I'll use these photos in innovative ways, subject to only the media's limitations. As the client, you'll help to decide if a virtual tour might be helpful. Buyers spend more time on listings that include multiple photos and virtual tours.    

  2. Accessibility

    a. I will examine the best route to your home, create understandable directions and make certain that all advertising utilize those directions.

    1. Perhaps your home is located within a subdivision that requires many turns to reach your home. We will consider using a simple map in all advertising and on flyers. We may also plant signs directing traffic along the way. (Subject to local sign regulations.) Directions placed in the Multiple Listing Service will direct entry by the most attractive entry, even if it requires a less direct entry.

  3. Customer base

    a. I will analyze the potential source of the majority of potential buyers for your home and customize our advertising and marketing to best suit that target audience.

    1. I'll use demographic types such as geographic buyers, income groups, age group buyers and ethnic buyers.

      1. We may look for buyers wanting to 'move up.'

      2. We may look for 'empty nesters' looking for a smaller home.

      3. We will look for ways to attract buyers relocating from other markets, states, or countries.

      4. We'll look at companies that use temporary professionals, relocate employees, etc.

Your home is unique and you need a professional that will plan a professional plan to sell your home in your time frame.

Some of My Marketing Tactics

I will:

  • Pricing: Analyze your market and present you with a thorough marketing analysis for your home. With you, determine the best price at which to market your home based on recent sales, and current competition. I'll also show you homes that did not sell as a result of improper pricing.

  • Take as many pictures in and outside of your home as practical. Pictures are the most requested portion of listings by buyers. Many pictures will be taken but only those that add a marketing advantage will be used. Up to ten photos can be posted in the multiple listing service. (MLS)

  • Depending on the home, a "Virtual Tour" may be used and posted with the MLS,,,, and other web sites. These are often a beneficial feature as they get the potential purchaser mentally 'moving in' before even visiting.

  • Compile a "Home Profile" marketing flyer on your home for distribution.

  • Obtain an internet URL (address like appropriate for your home's address. Create a web page on my web site with the same information shown on the above "Home Profile" and have the URL point to this page. Purchase a yard sign rider with "For More Information Visit"

  • Provide a copy of your Multiple Listing for your approval.

  • Submit your home to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). I will include as many photos of your property as possible in your listing.

  • Submit copies of your listing to our company sales staff for their waiting buyers.

  • I will use the "Reverse Prospecting" tools of the MLS to find buyers looking for certain home characteristics that may fit your home.

  • Develop a list of features and benefits of your home for the buyer's agents to use with their potential buyers.

  • Suggest and advise you as to any changes that would help to improve buyers emotional response to your home. This is often referred to as "Staging" the home. Staging is designed to inexpensively remove as many potential buyer dislikes as possible. (For an example, see "Sell This House!" on A&E television.)

  • Add additional exposure through a professional sign and lockbox.

  • Provide you with copies of all advertisements that have been published.

  • Provide you with feedback weekly from all buyers and agents touring your home, where possible.

  • Advertise in various newspapers and home magazines.

  • Mail 50-100 or more "Just Listed" post cards to homes around your area. Many times, I find neighbors have friends and family that would love to live in your neighborhood!

  • Hand deliver listing information to your closest 20-30 neighbors.

  • E-mail as many as 1,000-2,000 area agents with a specially produced flyer telling about your home.

  • E-mail your home's profile flyer to local real estate offices for distribution to their agents.

  • Advise you of the benefits in time to close and price negotiation by purchasing and offering a home warranty with your home.

  • Require that all buyers submitting offers be at least pre-qualified and preferably pre-approved for any necessary loans. Require cash buyers submit evidence of ability to pay. This protects you from wasting your time and effort with unqualified buyers.

  • Provide you with information about all of the various financing methods that your buyer may want to use.

  • Provide you with a weekly status report showing all of the tactics completed during the week and all direct responses to those tactics. This will show responses from ads, post cards, flyers, emails, etc., as well as current marketing conditions.

  • Assist you in finding your new home.

  • Represent you upon the presentation of all contracts by the cooperating brokers and to help negotiate the best possible price and terms for you.

  • Accompany you to a smooth closing.

What You Can Do

  • List your home with the very best national real estate company.

  • Choose the agent that will commit themselves to achieving your goals.

  • Price your home so as to compete favorably with other homes in your market place.

  • Prepare your home for marketing by completing the following:
    -  Any necessary repairs.
    -  Any necessary painting in and out.
    -  Recognize and clean out any clutter.
    -  Arrange furniture to make most spacious appearance of your home.
    -  Reorganize, clean and tidy garage.
    -  Spruce up lawn to include trimming, mowing and planting where needed.

  • Notify my office when sign is installed.

  • Make your home available for showings through use of lockbox. (if possible)

  • Arrange to vacate home during actual showing times.

  • Report all showings from other realtors to my staff for follow-up.

  • Be available for negotiations when offers are presented.

  • Accompany me to closing to receive your check!

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